13 Steps for becoming more happier in 2013

Every body want to see other people happy. But very very few understand that happiness start with ourselves. Happiness is not for postponement into future but it is a thing for which you try your maximum to achieve today.

Here are 13 steps which if taken in your daily habits will bring  happiness not only in your outer world but will make you stronger inside also.

1) Respect What you have already before you try to achieve the next thing in life.

If you will count your blessings which you receive every moment in your life, it will be much more worthy than the money, gold and bank deposits you have in total. What is  unique god gift you have, which others lack. See with your inner eyes and your heart will be filled with tremendous joy Everybody is born with unique qualities.

2) Stay away from unproductive habits.

Life is precious gift of god, each and every moment of life are pricier than diamonds if you understand it. Don’t waste these precious moments in unproductive habits and unwanted work which is vain not only for you but for your dear ones.

3) Set the Goals in Life

Goals, Aims, Ambition and purpose are words without which we can’t live our life fully. There is no work in the world which can’t be done by yourself, No Destination is too far that can’t be reached provided you have Goals, and determination to reach the destination. So Set the goals from right now and take action on it right away.

4) Help others

If there is one thing which give you infinite happiness that is helping others without any expectation of getting help from them. Not only helping others but after helping showing that you could do only little as per your capacity.

5) Analyse your deeds from other’s perspective

Working, living life for your material gain only will make you hardhearted person. So Sometimes if  your action is not gaining any thing for you but that action is significantly benefiting others, they will always remember your deed.

6) Life is reaction of your deeds.

Every action has a reaction, Life is pure reflection of past deeds. The more positive you give to this universe the more positive you will get. Universe never takes more from yourself, but it returns back much more than what it takes from you. So More good works will earn you more good results.

7) Forgive your foes.

Forgiveness is one quality which differentiate extra ordinary from an ordinary. Don’t just forgive, but extend your hand towards friendship and see the results. You will remember your this small step for lifetime.

8) Become Positive

Its not that you never consider negative results or outcomes in your life. But just abandoning something due to negative thought like ” I can’t do this because i never did before” will never help you excel in your life. Kick out fear from your life, work

9) Build the stronger relations

When you get introduced to somebody for the first time, Your intention should be to strengthen the relations from the first meeting itself.  Listening to them patiently and showing interest in their  will project your better image.

10) Keep your temper cool.

Anger is the most brutal enemy of human being.  Love is far stronger weapon to get your work done  than anger. Practicing controlling the anger only will make you perfect.

11) Be  Down to Earth.

The day you think that you have achieved so much in life, You are at peak of world, everybody else are at below your feet,  You will be making great mistake of your life. The successful people always remain down to earth give same respect to their subordinates as they expect for themselves.

12) Rather than comparing yourself with others, Do the introspection.

Comparing your income with others income, comparing your happiness with others will always take you down and you will always feel yourself underachiever. Rather Make the analysis what were you 6 months ago, now where you stand, and after 6 month where you want to go.  Set the goals, make plans for achieving goals, do the periodical reviews. You can either select somebody senior to you who can guide and become the mentor, Who will always guide you to your destination.

13) Smile

Having smile on your face even if you are burning with unhappiness inside will show the trustworthiness to others. And if you will not smile for some other’s good news you will feel regret. Smiling makes us feel good which also increases our attenuation flexibility and our ability to think holistically. When this idea was tested by Johnson et al. (2010), the results showed that participants who smiled performed better on attenuation tasks which required seeing the whole forest rather than just the trees.


Power of Positive thinking and How to use it.


Each incident, situation in universe has two sides it is either positive or negative. All matters are created in combination by Universe be it Plant, animal species, human. 

As a most intelligent species in universe we would like to go with the situation (either positive or negative) which is more favorable to us.

Thoughts create feelings and feelings let us to do action.

Following are the few steps to have positive thinking which would lead you to have positive feeling and ultimately positive and favorable actions.

1) Tapping into the power of positive thinking most important step is to create a mindset that allows you to think positively.

2) Creative positive mindset takes a training. You can train your mind to sustain positive thought and naturally defer to pleasant or optimistic paths.

3) In order to instill a positive mindset you need to get rid of negative thoughts first

     a)The more often you banish negative ideas from your mind the easier positive thinking will become, you will be relaxed and receptive to positive solutions.

     b) One of the important tool to have positive thinking is to have smile on your face. Learning to smile on demand is an important step in developing a permanently positive mindset.

     c) One good technique for summoning is to choose a happy memory that never fails to fill you with good feelings.

     d) Mind you the positive mindset itself doesn’t erase your troubles,It is only tool to allow you to find a solution without burning yourself out through stress and anxiety.

4) Spend little time in front of mirror observing your own expressions, at first instance this practice may seem uncomfortable but smiling at your reflection has very positive effect.

5) Coming down to positive thinking, Its very much important to face your problems while looking at them through positive lens. 

6) The more you practice positive thinking, the more naturally it will come to you. You will find that frustrating everyday occurrences dwindle to minor nuisances, and eventually cease to trouble you altogether. Keep practicing positive thought processes, and you will be well on your way to a low-stress, high-energy lifestyle that will allow you to accomplish anything you desire.

Happiness in Life

Here are 7 tips which will help you take path of happiness in life.

1) See the larger Picture of Life.

Most of the time we are discouraged or demotivated from the small incidents happen in our life which may be the opening of door of    happiness for the longer run.  Try to accept the problems head on, see the life with larger and long term goals in mind.

2) Keep the habit of gratitude.

Its should be always from the heart expressed in louder voice so it can leave impact on the receiving side. Also it will leave impression of your being down to earth. Keep habit of showing gratitude for even small favor done to you.

3) Always smile

Keep your face and heart smiling in case of problems and difficult situations also, It will leave positive impact on universal mind., And Universal mind will start working towards solving your problems and improve difficult situations.

4) Take a break from routine life

Go on vacation, do something unusual, which you have not done in the past. Like mountain biking, Fishing, playing new sport. All this activities should lead your mind away from daily routine and you will feel not only relaxed but it can be the source of new ideas for your life and profession as well.

5) Spend Certain time with your family or loved ones

Being with your loved ones or family will again make your heart and mind happy, They will also help you avoid negative thoughts since they don’t want you to loose the track of life.

6) Believe you can be happy

Subconscious mind is abundant source of energy. But that mind will only react when you keep positive thinking alive in your mind which means to have belief of success in life.

7) Believe in God

If you believe in religion or not but even science also accepts the existence of Universal Mind or Force which is controlling the whole universe, of which we are just tiny parts. The Universal mind reacts to our thought and vibrations now proved by psychologist.  So Your mind must produce the positive vibrations which will bring your desires or goals to realization.

How to Tackle the objections from Prospects.

No one in the sales field can say that they close the deals without facing any objections from the customer, The ability of any skilled sales person will be tested at this point only.

In today’s post we will be discussing what type of objections or resistance you can face from prospects and what are the possible ways to handle those objections so you can try converting the prospects into customers.

The types of objections from the prospects.

Objection No: 1 Prospect is not ready to buy the products and services at a time you approach them. Action: Keep Patience, wait but don’t skip the follow up. Please keep in mind that the person you are facing is not your customer yet, and you are trying hard to convert him into customer. So its important for you to understand his points of view and respect him by let him decide when he wants. Remember Customer will buy only when they want to not when you want to sell. But You can ask them at what probable date they will be taking decision about their offer, keep reminder in your smartphone and don’t forget to call on the same date.

Objection No 2:  Customer says that he is satisfied with his existing supplier.

Action: Focus on benefits which are unique to your product or service Focusing on benefits which are unique to your product or service and are relevant to your customer’s long term objectives. This will be very easy if you do your homework of studying prospect’s existing vendors for your product and service.  Remember to focus on the long term advantages gained by using your product and service.

Objection No 3: Prospect’s reply is that they don’t have budget for your products and services. Nowadays every decision maker will not forget to include the recession in interaction where purchasing is involved, meaning they will not simply accept the products and services at price offered by you. Action here should be focus on the value proposition offered by your products and services. Action: Convince your prospects that the benefits they will gain after making purchase of your products and services are far higher than the cost they incur. Try to focus on the pain they will get if they don’t buy your products and services.

Objection No 4: Prospects are looking for one particular specification of product and your product doesn’t comply with that specification.

Action: Neutralize the value of specification what customer is looking for. Yes that’s tough but you have to dig deep into your products  features and benefits, Here we accept by default that your company must have come across this particular specification while developing the product but your product must have some benefit which can neutralize the value of that specification which can be found out only by studying hard your product’s features and benefits.

In future post we will highlight some more objections you can face while meeting with your potential customer, Keep visiting the blog. Taher Parawala

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Daily Activities of a Sales Rep

In this hyper connected world, we as a sales people are too much stressed to fulfill our responsibility on time effectively.

To complete all our tasks of day we must plan and without planning everything will mess up which will ultimately lead to the loss of time.

Following are the steps if performed carefully and regularly can relieve some of the tensions, the objective of this article is to understand what should one do to avoid the congestion of activities in our day to day work life particularly those who are working in the sales field.

1) Set the daily goals to achieve.

Set the goals to close the number of deal by end of the day, Set the goals to meet the number of prospects before end of the day. The reason is once you set the goals and committed to achieve the goal before end of the day you will be much more relaxed by the end of the day (Even if you could not achieve the goal, trying to achieve the goal will make you feel comfortable at the end of the day and plan for achieving the goals which are unmet.)

2) Call Your Existing Customers.

The very beginning hours of your day should start with calling your customers who have purchased or used the services yesterday, day before yesterday or even 15 days back. You can just ask them how they are benfiting with the products or service you have offered them.  Calling them and hearing good words will keep you motivated about your work.

3) Call Prospects

The focus of any sales rep should be to keep the pipeline full with prospects, and leads, Make a list of prospects you want to contact in a day, week, month. Make a progress report after meeting with each prospects and follow up with them for turning them into customers.

4) Review the Progress of  your target to be achieved.

You, Myself and we all who are in this exciting field of sales are burdened with monthly, quarterly targets. You must keep close watch on the sales achieved so far and how you would proceed with the remaining days of the month to achieve the target. What you have achieved, what needs to be achieved, How it should be done . Your mind must be thinking in that direction all the time.

5) Networking

Keep connected with your prospects, customers. You can use social media network like facebook, Twitter, Linkedin etc getting connected with your customers. Word of caution is that you must allocate small fraction of your time so that it doesn’t  into your other routine job.

6) Recall Past win of major deals, analyse and learn from it.

Everyday,  if not every day every two day or every fortnight you would be closing some deals and bringing hard earned money into your companies pockets. And to close the deal you must be facing some objections before closing. Why don’t you keep record of objections you face with the customer while prospecting and how you overcome them. Point is that if you win the deals you can apply same rules to other prospects also.

7) Keep track of Payments.

The payment option varies from organization to organization, Every organization which are giving credit lines to their customers, must get their payments on time to run day to day business. As a sales rep your task should be keeping list of outstanding amount of your customers, You can remind them to pay the payment on time. Word of caution is sometime due to pressure Sales reps loose the temper and they hamper the relations with their regular customer. You should be very careful with your words while asking for the payment.

8) Review the Progress at the end of day.

What you have targeted at the start of the day, and what you have achieved, If you missed why you missed and now how you would plan your tomorrow.

Following above simple steps will keep you much relaxed and help you achieve your goals, targets smoothly.

Taher Parawala

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Customer Loyalty: Important steps for Sales People

Day by day its not only becoming expensive to acquire new customer but difficult also for any organization.

The take of the day is to keep the existing customer bonded strongly with organization and leverage them to expand the organization’s business in way both customer and organization benefits in long term

Lets look at the definition of loyal customer first, The loyal customer is one who buys more, stays longer with organization and bring new customer by word of mouth publicity.

Important point to note here is that Sales People play key roles to keep the customer loyal with their organization because they are the one who comes directly in touch with the customer.

Lets look at why customer will switch over to competition..

There are mainly two reasons: 1) Customer becomes dissatisfied with the organization and start searching with other option.

2) Competition is offering more benefits in same value and overall long term benefits are seen larger with the competition.

To nullify the effects of situation mentioned above Sales People have to be extra alert while dealing with the customer., you have to keep a  three dimensional watch on the customer.

1) Keep close track of all transaction between you and your customer.

Always let them feel that there is only one and that is you and your organization only there  who can serve them  with better products, better value and services. Never let them feel about the competition , You will sense the smoke of fire if your customer is looking for other supplier or your competition. That you have to sense and take action at early stage to avoid the switch of your regular customer.

2) Understand Customer’s requirement from his point of view.

You have to place yourself in customer’s shoes and think of their requirement from larger view points, Think about their future requirements, The more you will show them long term benefits the more he will stay with you.

3) Under Promise, Over Deliver.

Believe me, your customer will be delighted with extra benefits which you have not promised but you give. He will regard you as genuine promise keeper. This can be done by offering some benefits which are not promised in your product or service presentation but you highlight them or show them actually when your customer buys them..

4) Surprise is the name of game.

Giving what your customer might have not thought about, an extra benefits, an extra service, anything which can take you one step above than your customer.

5) Keep in mind 3S

Survey: Keep a track of their feedback about your product or services, the value you offer to your customer, the price factor, the after sales service etc. Sales people should keep close watch on the trend of their regular customer, Remember you can get the trend by having informal surveys like just asking simple question.. ” Sir your prestigious company is associated with our organization, I hope your are well satisfied with our products benefits?? “”  If they are not satisfied they will let you know even their body language can tell you about that

Study: If you are taking surveys about your customer, you should regularly study, analyse the results and bring it to your senior people. You can bring the trend to your senior people’s notice.

Supervise: Taking charge of your customer’s loyalty programs, I know in most of organization this is being done by marketing department. But as a sales people you can run your own small loyalty programs which is like giving thank you cards after achieving targets

6) Show them You care

Sometimes you have to be more personal than professional, try to get some personal information about your customer, that information will be helpful to show them that you care. Like Sending Birthday card, Annivarsary card are some of them.

Sales People are like armies who are in front line of the organization and come direct contact with the customer as well as competitor. If you follow the points mentioned above, I am sure the chances of customer switching to competition will be much lower.

To your Sales Success.

Taher Parawala

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