Customer Loyalty: Important steps for Sales People

Day by day its not only becoming expensive to acquire new customer but difficult also for any organization.

The take of the day is to keep the existing customer bonded strongly with organization and leverage them to expand the organization’s business in way both customer and organization benefits in long term

Lets look at the definition of loyal customer first, The loyal customer is one who buys more, stays longer with organization and bring new customer by word of mouth publicity.

Important point to note here is that Sales People play key roles to keep the customer loyal with their organization because they are the one who comes directly in touch with the customer.

Lets look at why customer will switch over to competition..

There are mainly two reasons: 1) Customer becomes dissatisfied with the organization and start searching with other option.

2) Competition is offering more benefits in same value and overall long term benefits are seen larger with the competition.

To nullify the effects of situation mentioned above Sales People have to be extra alert while dealing with the customer., you have to keep a  three dimensional watch on the customer.

1) Keep close track of all transaction between you and your customer.

Always let them feel that there is only one and that is you and your organization only there  who can serve them  with better products, better value and services. Never let them feel about the competition , You will sense the smoke of fire if your customer is looking for other supplier or your competition. That you have to sense and take action at early stage to avoid the switch of your regular customer.

2) Understand Customer’s requirement from his point of view.

You have to place yourself in customer’s shoes and think of their requirement from larger view points, Think about their future requirements, The more you will show them long term benefits the more he will stay with you.

3) Under Promise, Over Deliver.

Believe me, your customer will be delighted with extra benefits which you have not promised but you give. He will regard you as genuine promise keeper. This can be done by offering some benefits which are not promised in your product or service presentation but you highlight them or show them actually when your customer buys them..

4) Surprise is the name of game.

Giving what your customer might have not thought about, an extra benefits, an extra service, anything which can take you one step above than your customer.

5) Keep in mind 3S

Survey: Keep a track of their feedback about your product or services, the value you offer to your customer, the price factor, the after sales service etc. Sales people should keep close watch on the trend of their regular customer, Remember you can get the trend by having informal surveys like just asking simple question.. ” Sir your prestigious company is associated with our organization, I hope your are well satisfied with our products benefits?? “”  If they are not satisfied they will let you know even their body language can tell you about that

Study: If you are taking surveys about your customer, you should regularly study, analyse the results and bring it to your senior people. You can bring the trend to your senior people’s notice.

Supervise: Taking charge of your customer’s loyalty programs, I know in most of organization this is being done by marketing department. But as a sales people you can run your own small loyalty programs which is like giving thank you cards after achieving targets

6) Show them You care

Sometimes you have to be more personal than professional, try to get some personal information about your customer, that information will be helpful to show them that you care. Like Sending Birthday card, Annivarsary card are some of them.

Sales People are like armies who are in front line of the organization and come direct contact with the customer as well as competitor. If you follow the points mentioned above, I am sure the chances of customer switching to competition will be much lower.

To your Sales Success.

Taher Parawala

Raj Pipes & Sanitary





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