Daily Activities of a Sales Rep

In this hyper connected world, we as a sales people are too much stressed to fulfill our responsibility on time effectively.

To complete all our tasks of day we must plan and without planning everything will mess up which will ultimately lead to the loss of time.

Following are the steps if performed carefully and regularly can relieve some of the tensions, the objective of this article is to understand what should one do to avoid the congestion of activities in our day to day work life particularly those who are working in the sales field.

1) Set the daily goals to achieve.

Set the goals to close the number of deal by end of the day, Set the goals to meet the number of prospects before end of the day. The reason is once you set the goals and committed to achieve the goal before end of the day you will be much more relaxed by the end of the day (Even if you could not achieve the goal, trying to achieve the goal will make you feel comfortable at the end of the day and plan for achieving the goals which are unmet.)

2) Call Your Existing Customers.

The very beginning hours of your day should start with calling your customers who have purchased or used the services yesterday, day before yesterday or even 15 days back. You can just ask them how they are benfiting with the products or service you have offered them.  Calling them and hearing good words will keep you motivated about your work.

3) Call Prospects

The focus of any sales rep should be to keep the pipeline full with prospects, and leads, Make a list of prospects you want to contact in a day, week, month. Make a progress report after meeting with each prospects and follow up with them for turning them into customers.

4) Review the Progress of  your target to be achieved.

You, Myself and we all who are in this exciting field of sales are burdened with monthly, quarterly targets. You must keep close watch on the sales achieved so far and how you would proceed with the remaining days of the month to achieve the target. What you have achieved, what needs to be achieved, How it should be done . Your mind must be thinking in that direction all the time.

5) Networking

Keep connected with your prospects, customers. You can use social media network like facebook, Twitter, Linkedin etc getting connected with your customers. Word of caution is that you must allocate small fraction of your time so that it doesn’t  into your other routine job.

6) Recall Past win of major deals, analyse and learn from it.

Everyday,  if not every day every two day or every fortnight you would be closing some deals and bringing hard earned money into your companies pockets. And to close the deal you must be facing some objections before closing. Why don’t you keep record of objections you face with the customer while prospecting and how you overcome them. Point is that if you win the deals you can apply same rules to other prospects also.

7) Keep track of Payments.

The payment option varies from organization to organization, Every organization which are giving credit lines to their customers, must get their payments on time to run day to day business. As a sales rep your task should be keeping list of outstanding amount of your customers, You can remind them to pay the payment on time. Word of caution is sometime due to pressure Sales reps loose the temper and they hamper the relations with their regular customer. You should be very careful with your words while asking for the payment.

8) Review the Progress at the end of day.

What you have targeted at the start of the day, and what you have achieved, If you missed why you missed and now how you would plan your tomorrow.

Following above simple steps will keep you much relaxed and help you achieve your goals, targets smoothly.

Taher Parawala

You can contact me for any advise



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