Power of Positive thinking and How to use it.


Each incident, situation in universe has two sides it is either positive or negative. All matters are created in combination by Universe be it Plant, animal species, human. 

As a most intelligent species in universe we would like to go with the situation (either positive or negative) which is more favorable to us.

Thoughts create feelings and feelings let us to do action.

Following are the few steps to have positive thinking which would lead you to have positive feeling and ultimately positive and favorable actions.

1) Tapping into the power of positive thinking most important step is to create a mindset that allows you to think positively.

2) Creative positive mindset takes a training. You can train your mind to sustain positive thought and naturally defer to pleasant or optimistic paths.

3) In order to instill a positive mindset you need to get rid of negative thoughts first

     a)The more often you banish negative ideas from your mind the easier positive thinking will become, you will be relaxed and receptive to positive solutions.

     b) One of the important tool to have positive thinking is to have smile on your face. Learning to smile on demand is an important step in developing a permanently positive mindset.

     c) One good technique for summoning is to choose a happy memory that never fails to fill you with good feelings.

     d) Mind you the positive mindset itself doesn’t erase your troubles,It is only tool to allow you to find a solution without burning yourself out through stress and anxiety.

4) Spend little time in front of mirror observing your own expressions, at first instance this practice may seem uncomfortable but smiling at your reflection has very positive effect.

5) Coming down to positive thinking, Its very much important to face your problems while looking at them through positive lens. 

6) The more you practice positive thinking, the more naturally it will come to you. You will find that frustrating everyday occurrences dwindle to minor nuisances, and eventually cease to trouble you altogether. Keep practicing positive thought processes, and you will be well on your way to a low-stress, high-energy lifestyle that will allow you to accomplish anything you desire.


Happiness in Life

Here are 7 tips which will help you take path of happiness in life.

1) See the larger Picture of Life.

Most of the time we are discouraged or demotivated from the small incidents happen in our life which may be the opening of door of    happiness for the longer run.  Try to accept the problems head on, see the life with larger and long term goals in mind.

2) Keep the habit of gratitude.

Its should be always from the heart expressed in louder voice so it can leave impact on the receiving side. Also it will leave impression of your being down to earth. Keep habit of showing gratitude for even small favor done to you.

3) Always smile

Keep your face and heart smiling in case of problems and difficult situations also, It will leave positive impact on universal mind., And Universal mind will start working towards solving your problems and improve difficult situations.

4) Take a break from routine life

Go on vacation, do something unusual, which you have not done in the past. Like mountain biking, Fishing, playing new sport. All this activities should lead your mind away from daily routine and you will feel not only relaxed but it can be the source of new ideas for your life and profession as well.

5) Spend Certain time with your family or loved ones

Being with your loved ones or family will again make your heart and mind happy, They will also help you avoid negative thoughts since they don’t want you to loose the track of life.

6) Believe you can be happy

Subconscious mind is abundant source of energy. But that mind will only react when you keep positive thinking alive in your mind which means to have belief of success in life.

7) Believe in God

If you believe in religion or not but even science also accepts the existence of Universal Mind or Force which is controlling the whole universe, of which we are just tiny parts. The Universal mind reacts to our thought and vibrations now proved by psychologist.  So Your mind must produce the positive vibrations which will bring your desires or goals to realization.