13 Steps for becoming more happier in 2013

Every body want to see other people happy. But very very few understand that happiness start with ourselves. Happiness is not for postponement into future but it is a thing for which you try your maximum to achieve today.

Here are 13 steps which if taken in your daily habits will bring  happiness not only in your outer world but will make you stronger inside also.

1) Respect What you have already before you try to achieve the next thing in life.

If you will count your blessings which you receive every moment in your life, it will be much more worthy than the money, gold and bank deposits you have in total. What is  unique god gift you have, which others lack. See with your inner eyes and your heart will be filled with tremendous joy Everybody is born with unique qualities.

2) Stay away from unproductive habits.

Life is precious gift of god, each and every moment of life are pricier than diamonds if you understand it. Don’t waste these precious moments in unproductive habits and unwanted work which is vain not only for you but for your dear ones.

3) Set the Goals in Life

Goals, Aims, Ambition and purpose are words without which we can’t live our life fully. There is no work in the world which can’t be done by yourself, No Destination is too far that can’t be reached provided you have Goals, and determination to reach the destination. So Set the goals from right now and take action on it right away.

4) Help others

If there is one thing which give you infinite happiness that is helping others without any expectation of getting help from them. Not only helping others but after helping showing that you could do only little as per your capacity.

5) Analyse your deeds from other’s perspective

Working, living life for your material gain only will make you hardhearted person. So Sometimes if  your action is not gaining any thing for you but that action is significantly benefiting others, they will always remember your deed.

6) Life is reaction of your deeds.

Every action has a reaction, Life is pure reflection of past deeds. The more positive you give to this universe the more positive you will get. Universe never takes more from yourself, but it returns back much more than what it takes from you. So More good works will earn you more good results.

7) Forgive your foes.

Forgiveness is one quality which differentiate extra ordinary from an ordinary. Don’t just forgive, but extend your hand towards friendship and see the results. You will remember your this small step for lifetime.

8) Become Positive

Its not that you never consider negative results or outcomes in your life. But just abandoning something due to negative thought like ” I can’t do this because i never did before” will never help you excel in your life. Kick out fear from your life, work

9) Build the stronger relations

When you get introduced to somebody for the first time, Your intention should be to strengthen the relations from the first meeting itself.  Listening to them patiently and showing interest in their  will project your better image.

10) Keep your temper cool.

Anger is the most brutal enemy of human being.  Love is far stronger weapon to get your work done  than anger. Practicing controlling the anger only will make you perfect.

11) Be  Down to Earth.

The day you think that you have achieved so much in life, You are at peak of world, everybody else are at below your feet,  You will be making great mistake of your life. The successful people always remain down to earth give same respect to their subordinates as they expect for themselves.

12) Rather than comparing yourself with others, Do the introspection.

Comparing your income with others income, comparing your happiness with others will always take you down and you will always feel yourself underachiever. Rather Make the analysis what were you 6 months ago, now where you stand, and after 6 month where you want to go.  Set the goals, make plans for achieving goals, do the periodical reviews. You can either select somebody senior to you who can guide and become the mentor, Who will always guide you to your destination.

13) Smile

Having smile on your face even if you are burning with unhappiness inside will show the trustworthiness to others. And if you will not smile for some other’s good news you will feel regret. Smiling makes us feel good which also increases our attenuation flexibility and our ability to think holistically. When this idea was tested by Johnson et al. (2010), the results showed that participants who smiled performed better on attenuation tasks which required seeing the whole forest rather than just the trees.


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