How to Tackle the objections from Prospects.

No one in the sales field can say that they close the deals without facing any objections from the customer, The ability of any skilled sales person will be tested at this point only.

In today’s post we will be discussing what type of objections or resistance you can face from prospects and what are the possible ways to handle those objections so you can try converting the prospects into customers.

The types of objections from the prospects.

Objection No: 1 Prospect is not ready to buy the products and services at a time you approach them. Action: Keep Patience, wait but don’t skip the follow up. Please keep in mind that the person you are facing is not your customer yet, and you are trying hard to convert him into customer. So its important for you to understand his points of view and respect him by let him decide when he wants. Remember Customer will buy only when they want to not when you want to sell. But You can ask them at what probable date they will be taking decision about their offer, keep reminder in your smartphone and don’t forget to call on the same date.

Objection No 2:  Customer says that he is satisfied with his existing supplier.

Action: Focus on benefits which are unique to your product or service Focusing on benefits which are unique to your product or service and are relevant to your customer’s long term objectives. This will be very easy if you do your homework of studying prospect’s existing vendors for your product and service. ¬†Remember to focus on the long term advantages gained by using your product and service.

Objection No 3: Prospect’s reply is that they don’t have budget for your products and services. Nowadays every decision maker will not forget to include the recession in interaction where purchasing is involved, meaning they will not simply accept the products and services at price offered by you. Action here should be focus on the value proposition offered by your products and services. Action: Convince your prospects that the benefits they will gain after making purchase of your products and services are far higher than the cost they incur. Try to focus on the pain they will get if they don’t buy your products and services.

Objection No 4: Prospects are looking for one particular specification of product and your product doesn’t comply with that specification.

Action: Neutralize the value of specification what customer is looking for. Yes that’s tough but you have to dig deep into your products ¬†features and benefits, Here we accept by default that your company must have come across this particular specification while developing the product but your product must have some benefit which can neutralize the value of that specification which can be found out only by studying hard your product’s features and benefits.

In future post we will highlight some more objections you can face while meeting with your potential customer, Keep visiting the blog. Taher Parawala

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